Late Night Early Morning

Good morning to all

Got up this morning     so freakin tired   I was up late watching YOUTUBE videos.  I started with drum vids and 2 hours later i was watching  “How to change breaks on a Toyota FJ Cruiser”    I guess that’s the way it all works.  “YOUTUBE video all night-ers”.

Its pretty amazing how fast the time goes while mesmerized by a 5″ display.  It reminds of that Halloween movie , where anyone who put the Pumpkin head mask on and watched some commercial,   I dont remember what happened after that.   LOL  It was the only Halloween movie that Michael Myers wasnt KILLING everyone.   Still to this day I dont think Ive seen all of those movies. I gotta say i was never a big fan of that type of movie.  A good “scare the shit out of you ” type movie.>>>>

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